"My goal when working with Chris was to get in the best shape of my life and we definitely achieved that. 
Having Chris’s expertise and guidance along the way helped massively, keeping me accountable and providing a clear, objective assessment of how I was progressing and whether any changes where necessary along the way. 
I would definitely recommend Chris to anybody looking to get in better shape". 
"Working with Chris completely changed the way I viewed nutrition and took my training to another level. 
With the time constraints of my job and having a family online coaching worked for me really well. 
The service that Chris offers is just immense". 
"I got in touch with Chris as my training and diet had slipped due to work constraints. We created a plan that worked around my commitments and also allowed me to enjoy a busy social life. 
I lost 15kgs, learned so much about nutrition and made some big pbs in the gym. 
I couldn't be happier". 
"I got in touch with Chris looking for help with my nutritional habits to help me achieve my athletic goals for running. My initial goal was to lose 5kgs. We achieved this, and some! I ended up losing just over 9kgs and hit a PB on my 5k. 
Chris's attention to detail, support and constructive feedback was exactly what I needed. It created a level of accountability I would of not been able to generate myself". 
"Since working with Chris my body composition has changed so much. I have dropped body fat and built muscle especially my lower body which I have always struggled to do. I feel a lot better about myself than I have in a long time. 
I also look at food completely different and in a much more positive way after years of looking at food as good and bad'. " 
My online coaching is different to other online coaching you may have seen or experienced before. You won't get sent any boring prescriptive meal plans or a copy and paste training programme. I care about your results and doing all I can to help you achieve your goals and enjoy the process. 
"As a coach Chris has been awesome. He has held me accountable to my goals completely change my views on nutrition and has varied my training to keep me motivated through out the process. 
I have achieved amazing fat loss with out really having to give up a particular food which is great as I have not needed to miss out on social occasions just build them into my weekly plan" 
"I worked with Chris for 6 months and at the start wasn't sure what to expect. Chris was excellent right from the start and gave me everything I needed. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. The weekly phone calls really kept me on track. 
I managed to lose 10kgs, had comments on how my body had changed and just felt so much better. 
I would highly recommend Chris." 
"I'd always taken my training seriously but after a shoulder injury I wanted to drop a few kgs. 
The main thing I really took away was the nutritional education. Getting a better understanding of calories and making easy food swaps was key. 
I dropped 13kgs and was the leanest I'd ever been". 
"Before I started with Chris I was very out of shape and not someone who was a 'gym goer'. 
However since my time with him I have dropped body fat, built muscle and got stronger. 
All while falling in love with the gym. Oh and he helped get me fit to do the trek to Everest Base Camp". 
"Chris is by far the best coach I have ever worked with and I feel strongly that not many people would live up to the service and expertise he has to offer. 
I would recommend Chris to anyone with a goal or just needed some accountability. He is one in a million". 
"I have worked with Chris for over three years and this shows you how much I value his coaching. 
His help support has been incredible. 
If anyone is thinking of working with Chris I would have no hesitation in recommending him". 
"Before working with Chris I had a very much all or nothing approach to nutrition. I would be super strict in the week and then crack over the weekend overeating on foods I classed as bad. 
Since working with Chris I am now a lot more flexible with my food choices and have relaxed as I have learnt better eating habits. 
I am able to navigate and enjoy social events without having to worry about avoiding certain food groups". 
"I have been working with Chris for a long time. He is hands down the best nutrition coach I have ever worked with. 
I have been through gaining phases, fat loss phases and times to support my training performance (crossfit). 
He has nailed it every time, by being a constant source of knowledge and accountability ". 
"I signed up with Chris as I wanted to take things to the next level, getting lean and working on my strength in the gym. 
We then decided to do a photo shoot. I could trust Chris from his experience and know I would achieve my goals and the accountability was so important. 
Chris shares a passion for training in the gym that I have and that made a real difference. I would recommend Chris to anyone who wants to step things up a gear". 
"After 1 month with Chris I had learnt more and had seen better results than I had on my own the last two years. 
I cannot thank Chris enough not only for his guidance, support and training programs but for being a top bloke who was always there for me when needed". 
"Not only did I make amazing physical changes the changes I made around my relationship with food was a complete transformation. 
From previous experiences of restricted eating my mindset completely changed and was able to get much better balance with my food and overall nutrition'". 
"During my time with Chris I have lost 10kgs and got into the leanest shape of my life. 
I then went onto a muscle gain phase where I got stronger, added muscle and feel the most happiest I have ever been about my body comp and the best version of myself. 
Chris helps give me the accountability, support and educates me to make smart decisions when I'm out and about". 
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