When I first started as a personal trainer nearly 9 years ago the idea of online coaching didn’t exist. However now the online space is bigger than ever. 
People often ask how does online personaal training work and how can someone get in great shape without training with a trainer in the gym or meeting them face to face? 
In this blog I want to talk a bit more about my online work. Maybe you have come across my site and have no idea about what online personal training is? Or maybe you have followed my work for a while and want to get some more information before applying. 
My online personal training is a fully comprehensive service that includes training and nutrition support that will allow a client to achieve their physical goals remotely with the accountability that has been lacking. 
When a client starts, we will first have a discussion on the phone to ensure they know what to expect. The next step is filling out some starting Google forms which allows me to gather all the important information I need. Things like a clients work life balance, knowledge on nutrition, training experience and their goals in both the short and long term are some of the topics we look at. 
From here I can get started on building their plan. 
As part of the starting assessment process the client fills out a detailed training form. This will ask everything from how many days a week they can train, what exercises they are able to perform, how well equipped their gym is and what muscle groups they want to focus on. 
The training plan will be mainly resistance training based as the clients I work with are those who want to get in better shape and there is no better way to do this than lifting weights. 
With the assessment completed I will build out each client’s plan from scratch. The number of sessions, exercises selected, length of sessions and reps and sets are all very different for each person. I also put a big importance on enjoyment for my clients plans as someone who enjoys their training will get better results as they train harder and are more consistent. 
All clients get access to their very own training app and online login. I use a platform provider called True Coach and honestly the app is awesome. This is where a client can access their training plan, record metrics (BW, steps, cardio etc.), upload progress pics and have access to important coaching documents. 
A client’s training plan will appear in the app with their sessions planned for the days that are convenient for them. You can see in the pictures below how detailed a client’s training plan is. There are demo videos for every single exercise, written form cues and client can record their weights, sets and reps and upload training videos directly into the app. They can then review this information as they progress on their training plan. 
The training app provides everything the client needs to train effectively on their own and allow them to work towards their goals. 
The next part of the coaching puzzle is nutrition. 
Nutrition is a big part of my online service. Training in the gym is important to help shape your body but you won’t lose body fat or gain muscle mass unless your nutrition is on point. 
The first port of call with a client is a 7-day diet diary. Depending on the experience and knowledge of the client this could well be a written food diary or tracking calories using the app My Fitness Pal, the training app fully synchronises with My Fitness Pal so your data is pulled into the app automatically . After the first 7 days we will discuss how the assessment went and put in place nutrition based targets going forward. 
Everyone starts in a different position and for me there is a clear objective with nutrition. To create a way of eating which allows a client to achieve their goals while still being able to enjoy life and be flexible. 
No one wants to kiss goodbye to their favourite foods and eat chicken, broccoli and rice every day. It doesn’t need to be like this. 
Tracking calories, habit-based targets, intermittent fasting and meal examples are just a few of the strategies I use with clients. 
Clients will also get access to supplement guides, food shopping lists and vegetarian protein cheat sheets. 
Accountability and support  
Accountability and support are what makes my service work. 
Someone can have a great training plan but what happens on those weeks when things don’t go to plan? 
My clients will catch up with me on the phone every week or every other week depending on their coaching package. This call is a chance for us to review together how the last week has been discussing the positives and things to work on. By the end of the call the client will have a clear focus on what to work on over the next week. These calls are also a great way to build rapport and a successful coach client relationship. 
I always find that if a client and I can relate we will achieve much better results. They will be more accountable and can be upfront and honest with me. 
Outside of catch up calls all clients get access to a private messenger in the coaching app where they can send over any questions outside of calls. Basically, getting full access to me as their coach and I am always there to help them, well except weekends. It’s not all work and no play ;). 
As our time together progresses so does the plan. Client’s training is refreshed every 6 weeks to ensure we continue to see results but also that they continue to enjoy their training. 
As we achieve goals that we have set we reflect and move on towards new goals. 
And with nutrition we adapt things as goals change or work around life events such as holidays so clients keep on point but can enjoy themselves and be flexible. 
So, there you have it, that’s how my online personal training works. Hopefully you can see that the service is very comprehensive and includes everything you need to be successful. If you are ready to commit and work hard you will absolutely smash it. 
Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have heard all you need to get started. 
Apply for ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING and quote ‘PT TRAINING BLOG’ and if you sign up you will save 10% on your first month’s training. 
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