In this blog I discuss what your training will be like when gyms finally reopen and what you should expect to achieve. 
Its been a long time since any of us stepped in a gym but we are now on the countdown again. 
We can all finally get back to some proper training. 
This blog was written last June but the same things still apply this year as we come out of what will be the last ever lockdown (oh god lets hope thats true). 
I am buzzing to get back to shifting some proper tin as I am sure most of you will and I can't wait to get back to an environment that I really enjoy. 
For many the gym can be a space to go where you can escape the stress of everyday life and purely focus on your training and enjoy pushing yourself. I am sure many of us have missed this over the last 4 months. 
There is also another reason to be excited about training in the gym again. 
And thats the potential for some serious gains in terms of muscle size and strength. The longer you have been training in the gym the slower the rate of progress you will see. 
Especially when it comes to muscle gain. 
However when you have a period of time away from the gym due to injury or whatever (in this case Covid19) the stimulus of training becomes that more heightened and almost a little bit like the newbie gains you experience when you first started training. 
So in essence when you get back to full training in the gym you can expect to see some pretty good results in a shorter period of time than you may of been used to seeing before lockdown. 
But to make the most of this fresh stimulus in training which you may not see again for a very long time, you want to ensure your training is really set up correctly before you walk back in the gym. 
For this to happen I would advise you start to really think about your training plan when you get back in the gym so you have plan to follow and well needed direction. 
However there are also a few other things to remember when you get back to proper training that you may have not thought about. 
1. You will be VERY VERY sore. Look forward to feeling DOMS like you haven't felt for a very long time. DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) often occurs after either slower eccentric exercises or when new movements are brought into a training plan. So when getting back to training you can expect to feel sore for a quite a few days. A good idea for the first few weeks of training is to keep your training frequency lower than normal and then build up slowly in the weeks after as you start to recover better. Also be reserved in how close to failure you train. 
2. Your endurance maybe crap. When I say endurance I mean your ability to lift similar loads over multiple sets. Normally when you're training every week your body is pretty well conditioned and will be able to maintain loads. But when you get back to training you may find that for the first set you feel great at a certain weight and then you see a real drop off in performance in the sets after. However this type of endurance will come back pretty soon. 
3. Your recovery is very important. Of course this is always important but with such a novel stimulus and what I have mentioned in point 1 you want to really put an emphasis on recovery. If you have been dieting and still want to drop body fat in the future pulling your calories up to maintenance for a couple of weeks could be good idea to help facilitate recovery. Then just ensure you consume enough protein each day, do some form of active recovery and get plenty of sleep to help aid those fatigued muscles. 
Hopefully the above points give you some food for thought before you get back to it over the next few weeks. 
How you respond to proper gym training will of course depend on how much and what kind of training you have done in lockdown. 
I will be sharing more info over the coming weeks as we get closer to the big reopening. 
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