There aren't many people that don't make these mistakes at some point. 
Now might seem like a stupid time to start talking about forging new habits and trying to make improvements with your fitness goals but it’s actually the perfect time. 
Over the last two weeks I've welcomed a few new clients on board and there is always one thing I think about someone who signs up at this time of year. 
They are going to be a good client. 
They are going to be a good client because it could of been so easy to wait until after Christmas and start in the new year. 
However they understand there is no better time to start, only now. 
The longer I have worked in the industry and the more clients I work with the more I understand that the mind can often be the biggest road block that people have. 
It’s not because people are lazy or because they don’t know what to do (for the most part) it’s often that they just convince themselves that they can’t achieve what they want. 
There are always outliers but if you can master your mind then you can often master your goals. 
Now I'm not going to try and talk about psychology as it’s not my place to but I want to highlight a few common mistakes to think about that might just be holding you back at the moment. 
Now isn’t the right time 
As I mentioned above this is a big one but I want to really reinforce how much this can hold you back. If we looked for a perfect time to start something then we wouldn't achieve anything.  
With your fitness goals there will always be social events in the calendar, busy times of work and stresses of family and personal life. These events will always be there and the reality is that you will need to tackle them at some point when trying to make progress. You can’t just disappear and empty your diary while you try and achieve your goals. Frst of all it isn’t realistic but also when you come back to the real world you won’t be able to maintain your results as you haven’t navigated busy times before.  
You just need to realise that to achieve something worth while requires you to take action there and then. Don’t wait a week or two to mull it over or waste time thinking about it, if it’s important enough for you then just start now as there will never be a perfect time. 
The on and off button 
For those who have actually started the issue can then be when things don’t go completely to plan.  
I am sure you have had times where you maybe forget your lunch or have one drink more than planned and then you very much hit the f**k it button. The way you rationalise this is that you think ‘well I’ve blown it now so what’s the point?’. This results in your goals being put right in the back of your mind as you undo all your good work. When some people get into this mindset it can often take many days to get things back on track. This kind of mentality can be disastrous for your goals and can effect so many people.  
The issue is people perceive that things need to be perfect to make progress but this is really not the case. Things just need to be better and if you can consistently improve on a week to week basis then there is a good chance you will achieve some great results. Focus on averages and don't worry about the odd time where you wen't over your calories or missed your gym session.  
When things go a little awry is when you can make a big difference towards your goals. Understand that things won’t be perfect but that’s ok. If you forgot your lunch it doesn’t matter, just try and make as good a choice as you can. Be ok with things not being perfect because perfection doesn’t really exist. 
Give up when you don’t see any changes 
The final one is again very common. Imagine the below. 
You've been training hard in the gym for a week, been counting your calories and overall being a lot more active however the scale hasn’t budged. It's at this point you have a tantrum and decide to throw the towel in claiming that a calorie deficit just doesn't work.  
Progress is rarely linear so just because you haven’t seen progress straight away doesn’t mean it won’t happen very soon.  
I've had clients who have ticked all the boxes when it comes to nutrition and training but not seen their weight move for 10-14 days. Then all of a sudden they see it drop by well over 1kg one day and continues to drop going forward. 
Patience is something not many of us are blessed with but with most goals it’s a very useful trait to have.  
Flip your goal on it's head and think about how long it takes to put on body fat over a period of time. It can often be the results of years of slow overeating so although it won’t take this long to lose it you just need to understand that it will take time.  
Muscle gain is a goal that probably requires more patience than any other. It can seem like your making progress at a snail’s pace but the key thing is you are making progress and you stay consistent. 
Finally understand that using more than one data point can give you a more accurate picture of what is happening. With my clients I use progress pictures and scale weight. This along side how they feel in terms of the fitting of their clothes and body measurements can give a really good overview of progress. 
There aren't many of us who haven't fallen foul of at least one of the above. It's very common so don't despair, feel content in the knowledge that you are in control of your goals and now is the time to start. 
Not next Monday and not on the 2th of January. 
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