Being frustrated with not achieving your goals is not a nice feeling. In this blog I give three potentials reasons why you are currently struggling. 
If you are reading this blog and have clicked through from my Instagram or Facebook my guess is that you are trying to make some changes at the moment which maybe aren’t going as well as you’d hoped? 
Or maybe you are just starting out trying to achieve a new goal and are a bit lost of how to get things going? 
Wherever you are currently with your goals this blog should give you plenty of food for thought as to why you aren’t where you want to be and a few things you may wish to change. 
Over my 7 years in the fitness industry I’ve worked with 100’s of clients and I would say 80% of them suffered from these three things when they first started. 
These three things can hold back so many people and chances are they could well be holding you back. 
1. You don’t track enough data 
I had a chat with a current client last week who had just come back from a two week holiday. We were talking about the new coaching app and online platform I am now using and how it will change things for him going forward in terms of ease of tracking data. He was very excited and shared how he uses other apps to track his sleep, screen time and had even used an app while he was away skiing to see how far he had skied every day. 
The conversation really made me realise how recording data is so important in monitoring success. 
It’s often those people who don’t track data that really struggle to make progress or let things get a bit out of hand. 
For example those people who don’t weigh themselves regularly are often those who can get a nasty shock the odd time they do jump on the scales. 
‘Oh shit I’m 4 kgs heavier than I was 3 months ago’. 
By simply weighing themselves more frequently they could have seen their weight slowly trickling up and made changes to stem the tide. 
One of the biggest changes I often see with clients training is how they really push themselves more with the weights they lift. Often this can be down to finally logging their loads in the gym every week so they can see progression and challenge themselves to lift more. 
Calorie intake is a massive data point to try and track and monitor. It plays the biggest role in your body composition goals. 
Think of it this way, you wouldn’t say you want to save money for a house but do this without checking your bank balance frequently or assessing your outgoings. 
So if you are serious about making changes to your body composition you would surely be naïve to not bother measuring calories? 
Other data points which can be invaluable are steps, hours of sleep, water intake etc…the list goes on. 
Without tracking these data points you won’t know whether you are being successful. 
Also you won’t know what is working and what isn’t which is important when you need to make changes to see more progress. 
2. You constantly seek perfection 
The second reason you maybe falling down is the fact you are trying to chase perfection and having an attitude which leads to hitting the ‘f**k button every time something goes slightly wrong. 
The reality is that perfection doesn’t exist so you should probably stop chasing it. 
There seems to be an attitude in the fitness that you need to ‘grind harder’ and ‘tick the boxes’ every single day. 
Maybe this comes from too many robotic bodybuilders and breading a culture that if you aren’t being on point every day you won’t get anywhere. 
This really isn’t true. 
It’s like a clean eating mentality towards food. 
I’m sure a few of us have been there? 
I know I have. 
The moment you haven’t eaten anything processed for 7 days and then 1 cookie passes your lips. 
‘Well I’ve messed up now so I might as well just write today off’. 
Then the week gets written off and come next Monday you’ve packed away a fair few calories. 
When you finally realise that there will be good days but then also some bad days you will start to realise that what’s really important is stringing together more good days than bad. 
It may seem counterintuitive but to see real progress you need to realise that you will never be perfect with your training and nutrition. The goal is to just get better and strive for more consistency and if you do that there is very good chance you will make some awesome progress. 
3. You have no accountability  
The final reason that you probably aren’t making much progress is because you aren’t accountable to anyone or anything. 
It can be easy to wake up on a Monday morning and bounce out of bed with the attitude that this will be the week where you will finally sort things out. 
But what happens 4 weeks down the line on a Thursday morning? 
It’s often the 4th week that makes or breaks a diet or successful training programme. 
What I mean by that is that if people get over this period there is a good chance that things might actually go quite well. 
But for many this can be where motivation is really dropping off and excuses start to re appear. 
Often this can be down to the fact that you have no source of accountability or someone to keep you motivated or be that source of support when you really need it. 
The other great reason for having someone to be accountable to is because you almost don’t want to let them down. 
This can be a really strong motivator. 
Of course you are achieving your goals for yourself but if you have the extra buy in of someone else it can really keep you on point when you have days or weeks where you question the point of continuing. 
Accountability can come in many different ways. 
It could be a specific event or date in the diary you are working towards, a friend you are going to train with, a friend or family member who you share your goals with or working with a coach. 
But don’t underestimate the power of accountability. 
You can have the perfect training plan or set with nutrition but it means nothing if you have no form of accountability. 
I hope you found this blog useful even if it just makes you rethink things a bit more. 
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