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How often do you wake up on a Monday am and say this week is when you are going to make shit really happen? 
How often do you sit there on a Sunday evening planning when you are going to get to the gym and that you will get up early for some morning steps? 
And how often do you say this will be the week that you’ll have a quiet weekend on the booze and don't wake up feeling dusty on Sunday morning? 
Only for these best laid intentions to not materialise and you find yourself in the vicious circle of planning but not doing. 
It’s so common and I even find myself doing it from time to time. 
It can be easy to think that reason you aren't being successful with your goals is because you don’t have the right training split or that your macros are a little bit off. 
Often what you are doing in the gym or what you are doing nutrition wise is just fine. 
You might have the best motivations but if the buck only stops with you then often you will fall short. 
Yep, the key thing you are missing is accountability. 
That thing that will see you be more consistent as you aren’t just accountable to yourself. 
That gentle nudge you need to train when you don’t fancy it. 
And that support to keep going when you feel like stopping. 
I am sure you have friends who have done the London marathon and done well despite never really having much experience as a marathon runner. 
One of the reasons they managed to run 26.2 miles is because when they signed up they probably told everyone under the sun and raised lots of money for great causes. 
This gives an element of accountability you could never get if you just went out and ran a marathon one weekend. 
Accountability can come in so many forms, but it should not be underestimated. 
Because waking up one day and just saying in your head that you will do something often isn’t enough. 
Go further. 
Tell a friend, get someone else to do it with you or get some support and help. 
Often, it’s not getting the help because you don’t know what you are doing it is getting help because you know it will vastly increase the chances of your goals becoming a reality. 
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