What's the best foods for fat loss? Well trully there aren't any but today I share 15 foods that will give you lots of volume for not many calories. 
I love flexible dieting however there is no doubt that when it comes to fat loss there are going to be a few foods that will need to be reduced in both frequency and volume. 
You can defiantly enjoy lots of great food but for 90% of the time you will probably eat similar foods and these are often those that are lower in calories, higher in volume and more nutrient dense. 
What’s the worst thing people think about when it comes to dieting? 
Most likely hunger. 
So if we can try and eat foods that make us feel as full as possible and aid satiety that is surely a good thing? 
Today I am going to share with you my 15 favourite foods I use when dieting and recommend for my clients. 
Not only will they help keep calories in check, they will allow you to eat more food for less calories and are also packed full of nutrients. 
1. Strawberries – Who doesn’t love strawberries? Not only do they taste awesome, go with lots of other foods but they are also super low calorie. Per 100g they only contain 39 calories and 6g of carbs, compare that to 100g of banana which has 88 calories and 24g of carbs. 
2. Mushrooms – So low calorie I wouldn’t even track them. Per 100g they contain 16 calories and 100g is a lot of mushrooms. Chuck them in a pan with some chicken and some nice seasoning and they can bulk out a meal very nicely. 
3. Courgette – If mushrooms are good courgettes aren’t far behind. With only a few more calories per 100g they are a great combo with mushrooms to really add lots of bulk to main meals for hardly any calories. You can even make courgette into spaghetti or if you are really dieting hard grate into porridge, it isn’t the best though. 
4. Kvarg yogurt – For snacks on the go or in between meals I don’t think these can be beaten. Per 150g yogurt pot they contain 90 calories of which 68 calories come from protein and they taste epic. Taste awesome and super low calorie, what else do you want from a snack when dieting? 
5. Frozen berries – When I diet I should probably take out shares in frozen berries. They are a life saver. Good with Greek yogurt, on top of oats or my personal favourite is blended with a scoop of whey and a small amount of almond milk to make a smoothie bowl. As a general rule go for a higher strawberry and raspberry mixs with less blueberries and banana to keep calories a little lower. 
6. Whey protein – Now this may seem like a simple one but whey is just so essential when dieting as it can go with so many things. Can be added to cooking, in smoothies, pancakes, with oats, yogurt or just as a shake. It’s super low in calories and these days there are some great tasting options which can be a life saver when dieting and you want something sweet. 
7. Turkey mince – This is an easy swap from higher fat beef mince and like any good diet foods can be eaten in so many ways. Turkey chilli and homemade burgers are a regular when I’m dieting. Go for breast mince for the lowest calorie option. 
8. Cod – Now I know what you are thinking white cod, how boring. However people seem to forget how you can add cod to a lot of meals and with some good seasoning it can make a really enjoyable meal. It is also unbelievably low in calories, only 80 calories per 100g. Can be an ideal choice for dinner to pull some calories back after a higher calorie meal earlier in the day. 
9. Twister ice cream – I could say Breyers or Halo Top but you have probably had these before and know all about them. But if you are out and about and fancy an ice cream or maybe some to stick in the freezer at home for a treat after dinner then look no further than the twister ice cream. Not only are they a very tasty ice cream they contain only 76 calories, enough said. 
10. Nimble bread – If you saw my recent blog on why you don’t need to drop bread when dieting you may have heard of nimble bread already. At only 52 calories per slice you can literally have two slices of this for the same as one piece of normal wholegrain bread. Granted it is a bit smaller per slice but it’s a great saver if you want to keep having bread when dieting but for less calories. 
11. Egg noodles – I normally drop rice when I diet and also advice my clients to do the same. Reason being it doesn’t actually give you a great return of volume for calories. However egg noodles do. Some egg noodles with mushroom, courgette, spinach and chicken can be a great dieting meal that is low in calories but high in volume. 
12. Chicken Heck sausages – These are just awesome. High in protein, low in calories and super tasty. You need these in your life when looking to drop a few KGs of body fat. 
13. Choc shot sauce – Choc shot is actually supposed to be used to make hot chocolate however it’s a great swap from your higher calorie Nutella option as a chocolate sauce. You can have it on Greek yogurt, oats or on top of some low-calorie ice cream. Normally available in boots or most supermarkets. Yes it doesn’t taste as good as Nutella but it’s still pretty decent and saves a lot of calories. 
14. Highlights hot chocolate – You’ve had your dinner and you fancy something sweet but don’t want to tank too many calories. Highlights hot chocolate can be just the thing. At circa 40 calories they are super low and can give you that sweet hit you are after. They also have loads of different flavours to choose from. 
15. Lighter than light mayo – Ok lighter than light mayo doesn’t taste as good as the real thing, no shit. But when you’re dieting beggars can’t be choosers. It does however still taste pretty decent and is super low calorie. Can give you that bit of extra flavour you need on the side of your dinner. 
There you have it 15 foods that can really make dieting much easier for you. Dieting doesn’t need to be boring or have to follow that stereotypical route of chicken, broccoli and rice. The above foods will give you lots of variety and really allow you to pack out your diet more than ever. 
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