Part two where we look at another myth that needs to be layed to rest. 
For this second blog I wanted to clear up one myth that perhaps doesn’t get talked about as much but so many people feel they need to follow through with when they diet. 
Myth 2 – You need to cut out bread 
What if I told you there was a food that is high in fibre, low in fat, moderate in protein, contains wholegrains which have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, is not super high in calories oh and the food goes with pretty much anything. 
What would you say? 
You would think it sounds like a pretty good food to have in your diet wouldn’t you? 
So why the hell does bread get such a hammering? 
Whenever I do periods of dieting which is in most cases is for photo shoots and getting sub 10% body fat, guess what I eat every day? 
You’ve got it. 
Now I would advise wholegrain bread over white for the above benefits I have mentioned but if you fancy a slice of white then crack on. 
Often people forget how calories rule all. 
Want to eat cake and lose body fat, crack on. The same can be said for bread. 
Two slices of wholemeal bread contain just 190 calories give or take and around 30-40 of those calories come from protein. Add some low-fat mayo, sliced turkey, spinach and cucumber and you have yourself a tasty sandwich probably in the 300 calorie range. You could eat 5 of these a day and only consume around 1500 calories. 
For most people 1500 calories will achieve some serious fat loss. 
When you diet you can even drop down to thinner sliced wholemeal or even Nimble bread which I turn to when dieting gets tough. Slightly smaller but with the same great taste and only 52 calories a slice. Winner winner. 
So where has this myth come from that bread can’t be eaten on a successful diet? 
I really don’t know. 
Maybe because it contains gluten, which by the way if you don’t have an issue with is nothing to worry about from a health or fat loss standpoint. Gluten has gone through periods of being blamed for fat gain but is really nothing to break sweat over. 
Perhaps this myth has come from clean eating advocates who just don’t understand calories. 
Or maybe it has come from those people who cut out foods like pastries, bread, pizza and cakes when they diet. They therefore think the diet has worked due to the removal of these foods but forgetting that daily calories have been slashed. 
‘I didn’t eat bread when I lost body fat’. Therefore it must be the removal of bread? 
But let me clear it up for you. 
So fire up the toaster, make your sarnie of choice or plan your scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast and be content knowing that bread can still play a big part in a successful fat loss diet. 
Stay tuned for the later this week and the final part of this three part series. 
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