Part 1 debugging three myths that need to be forgotten about. 
How many nutritional ‘facts’ have you heard from someone who is so convinced that they are true yet when you ask them the science behind it they just don’t know? 
It can turn into Chinese whispers and no one actually knows where the myth came from. 
The issue with nutrition is everyone has their say. 
Often a myth will come from a magazine or news headline which is written in a way to get your attention. The result is pure confusion and conflicting messages. 
I often have to tread carefully when new clients start as they may have been told something years ago that has no scientific truth behind it but passionately believe it to be true. I can’t just go in and say, ‘no that’s a load of rubbish and you are stupid for believing it’. 
It has to be a gradual education on what is actually fact and what is not. 
In this 3-part series I will breakdown three myths that are still lingering and need to be cleared up once and for all. 
Myth 1 – Don’t eat carbs eat after 6pm 
The clock hits 6pm and all of a sudden your body turns into a fat storing machine. Anything you eat at 6.01pm is bad news but 5.59 is ok. 
When you put it like this it sounds truly ridiculous doesn’t it? 
Yet how many people still preach that you shouldn’t eat carbs in the evening. 
The logic is that you won’t be using them as you'll being go to bed soon and not moving as much as you do during the day. But the thing is with logic is just because it makes sense in your head doesn’t mean it’s true. 
The main thing that matters when it comes to fat loss is calorie intake. Whether that be weekly or daily. 
But for this instance let’s just use daily intake. When calories are matched eating carbs later in the evening will make no difference. 
So if one day you eat 1500 calories in the day and 500 calories (of which some are carbs) after 6pm you will see the same results as eating 1000 calories (of which some are carbs) in the day and then 1000 calories after 6pm on another day. 
You may wake up a little heavier on the second day but that won’t be fat gain. Just more food in your digestion tract and a few more carbs stored as glycogen. 
But remember glycogen not fat. 
Also remember if you eat a few more calories and carbs in the evening you will just burn more body fat earlier in the day (pending you are in a calorie deficit of course) so don't worry that you are burning less fat in the evening just because you fancy a bit of rice or potato. 
One of the most important things to remember when dieting is adherence and for many saving some food till later in the evening can be really useful to be more consistent. 
You can picture it, sitting there watching Netflix and you fancy a bit of halo top. 
Well all is good because you have saved some calories for the evening by going lower in the day and therefore you are able to fit some low calorie ice cream into your daily intake. 
Better doing this than living by the stupid myth that you shouldn’t eat later in the evening which can result in you having eaten all your calories by 6pm. Resulting in getting seriously hangry by 9pm and then raiding the biscuit tin and all of a sudden your target calories have been smashed out of the water. 
So there you have it there is literally nothing to fear about eating carbs at night and some might argue it may even help your adherence and consistency with your diet. 
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