If you want to achieve some goals while in lockdown but are lacking motivation this blog is for you. 
There is no doubt that these are testing times. 
There are so many things to worry about at the moment such as family, work, mental health or just wandering when life will return to normal. 
However in such unprecedented times trying to continue as normal as possible is important in my opinion. 
So if you have fitness goals that you want to achieve then it’s probably a good idea to keep trying to work towards them. 
For the first few weeks of lockdown many people were quite happy to put a pause button on such goals but the reality is that things aren’t changing any time soon and gyms are probably going to be closed for a while yet. 
One thing I always say to clients or people who enquire for coaching is that there is never a perfect time to achieve your goals. There will always be a holiday, a work trip or some social events that you will have to navigate. 
However now there are very few of these things to navigate. 
But and this is a big but. 
Motivation right now is not easy. 
I am sure the below example is the same in many households around the country at the moment. 
You have just finished a long day of zoom calls working from home, been trying to home school the kids and then you get a one-hour window to train in your garden or garage. You get out your bands and adjustable dumbbells and sit there trying to sum up the motivation to train. 
It really isn’t easy. 
When gyms are open they work as place you can go to purely concentrate on training without distraction. Make progress with your goals and for a short period escape the rigors of everyday life. 
But now that’s gone and you have to make do with what you’ve got in terms of space and equipment. 
So it can feel like motivation is just non-existent. 
When it comes to motivation I first want to clear one thing up. 
We all experience the same things. 
There aren’t some of us who just bounce out of bed in the morning feeling positive or finish work and feel super pumped to crush a home workout. We all sit there and question whether we should just snooze the alarm or bin off training for another day. 
When we say we want to be more motivated we really mean we want to be more consistent. 
The key to achieving this is really understanding why you are doing something and keep reminding yourself of that when you question jacking it in and taking the easier option. 
When you start thinking about dinner and debate ordering a pizza instead of preparing a healthy home cooked meal just remind yourself of what your goals are and why they are important. 
When I debate not doing a training session at home I remind myself that I don’t want to lose muscle mass, that I want to be in fighting fit shape for when rugby re starts (whenever that is) and that when I’m in the middle of the training session I’ll actually really enjoy it. 
But sometimes you also need to have a few basic strategies in place to stay motivated and be more consistent. 
Below are my 5 top tips you can use in the coming weeks. 
1. Have a plan – No plan no chance. When it comes to training in the gym I always advise people have a plan for the most part. But when training at home in my opinion its bloody essential. A training plan doesn’t even need to be perfect but the structure will help you so much. It will help you feel like you’re actually training instead of muddling through a few different exercises and rep ranges. You can also monitor your progress which can be motivating to see how you are improving. 
2. Schedule your workouts – It can be easy to just say ‘oh I’ll train later’. This gives you no buy in as it’s so unspecific. Look at your day and write into your daily calendar at exactly what time you will train. So when your missus asks you to do something at that time you can say you are training rather than just push it back and come the end of day you’ve run out of time to train. 
3. Think of the post workout feeling – When you sit there thinking of reasons why not to train think of how good you will feel after your training session. Whether it’s the feeling of being absolutely shattered, the post workout pump or the high you get from exercise induced endorphins. It really works well for me as I know I will always feel much better for training than not. 
4. Just get started – Another good tip to make sure you get your session in is to just start exercising and don’t even think about. This may sound so simple its ridiculous but if you just moving and get warmed up it will be much harder to stop. So when you start to question things just blank your mind and move. Simple but bloody effective. 
5. Get accountability – Accountability is often the missing ingredient for so many people. The power that knowing you’re are accountable to something or someone is massive. When you sit their questioning whether to train its often easy to not train as you know you are only letting yourself down, or you feel that way anyway. But when you know there is someone else in your support network you don’t want to let them down as well. You can also use that person to trouble shoot ideas and be there when you need a bit of a kick up the arse. 
There you have it, motivation is really not what you think it is so when you next ask yourself ‘why can’t I motivate myself?’ remember that you are not that special in feeling like that. 
We all feel it. 
But if you remind yourself of why you train and follow the five tips above you can really make some great progress in this uncertain period of time. 
If you feel your training is lacking structure a reminder that my full body home workout plan is still available and if you HIT THIS LINK you can get your copy today. All you need is some bands and a small bit of space. 
Or if you really want to take your training and results to the next level then enquire for coaching. 
Wouldn’t it be great to look back in a year’s time and reflect that Covid19 gave you the kick that was needed to achieve some epic goals. 
HIT THIS LINK to enquire for coaching. 
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