The final part of this 3 part series sharing my top tips to make real progress in the gym. 
Tip 3 - Set lifting goals 
The final tip I would advise implementing to help make better progress the gym is setting some specific lifting goals. This can be a great tool to help keep you motivated and also assess how effective your training is.  
We know that to make continual progress we need to achieve progressive overload (the concept of doing more over time) and although a good training programme should achieve this, there will come a time when putting some specific numbers down for you to work towards can be very effective. 
You could set some 1 or 3RM (rep max) targets for your compound movements or some rep challenges for other exercises such as x10 strict wide arm pull ups. Write these targets down ideally in the front of your new log book :), and I would advise you put a timeframe on these goals to keep you accountable and push your training in that period.  
Make sure your goals are realistic and take into account any other commitments you have in that time. 
I find this approach really useful and it can give you that extra push that we all need sometimes. 
It can be all too easy to just go in the gym and train fairly hard but not push as hard you really can. The carrot of chasing that new 1RM or rep PB can get you back up to the intensity needed. 
Maybe even treat yourself to some new gym trainers or training kit when you achieve your new goal just to add that little bit of extra accountability. 
You could even challenge a friend who is of equal strength to see who reaches the goal first. 
It may seem simple but just setting a goal and staying focussed on it can be so useful in aiding your training and helping you make progress in the gym. 
I hope you use these three tips over the coming weeks to take your training to the next level. 
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