Part 2 in my three part series of how to make optimal progress when training in the gym. 
This second tip is more of a way to help ensure you are training with good form and intensity. I use this as much with my online clients as possible but also personally there aren’t many sessions where I don't do this. 
Tip 2 - Filming your exercises  
There are many reasons why filming a set here or there can be useful to make progress in the gym. 
The first is assessing the form of your exercise and the tempo in which you are training. It can be all too easy to do a set and feel that form was fine and you were controlling the weight throughout. However when you watch it back on video and realise you maybe weren't getting the range of motion you wanted or the set looked much faster than you first thought. 
You can then alter things for the next set, record again and no doubt feel the benefit for the tweaks in your form. 
The other reason I would advise you to film some exercises is to assess the intensity in which you train. What I mean by this is that when watching your training videos you may actually see that the weight was not as slow or difficult as you first thought. 
Perhaps you film a set of deadlifts and the weight felt very slow off the floor however you watch it back and see that it was actually moving quite well. This can give you the confidence to keep the weight the same or even increase on the next set. You will only know this though by watching back on video. 
Training intensity plays such a big role when it comes to getting the best results. So many people don’t train as hard as they think so for this reason alone filming exercises can work really well to truly see intensity. 
Also if you are worried that people will think you are weird if you set your phone up to film a set, then don't be. People are way too focussed on themselves when in the gym, just crack on and no one will bat an eyelid.  
Stay tuned for my last top tip for ensuring you make optimal progress in the gym early next week. 
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