In this part 1 of 3 blog series I will give my three favourite top tips to ensure you make real progress in the gym. Part 1 is a mistake I see 99% of all gym goers make. 
Maybe you have been struggling with consistency for a while but have now finally cracked it and have been getting your sessions in week after week. 
There is a lot to be said for that feeling when you finally make the progress in the gym you want. It's just great when you get in the gym every week and feel in that groove where good things happen. 
In this blog I am going to give you one of my top three favourite ways I use to ensure both myself and most importantly my clients are making progress in the gym both in the short and long term. 
Progress in the gym will not always be linear but by using just a few simple tools you can monitor things with ease to ensure you are always moving forward with your training. 
Over the next few weeks I will share the other two which you also need to consider doing if you don’t already. 
Incorporate these tips and you should really see your training performance sky rocket. 
Tip 1 - Log book 
If you have ever seen Indianna Jones The Last Crusade you should remember the state of his dad's grail diary. This is in my eyes what a good log book should look like. Full of notes, numbers, battered from constant use and one of the most important things in your gym bag. 
However, how many people do I see in the gym with one? 
Not many. 
Now of course you can use your phone to record your workouts and numbers which is fine. But personally I like the old school feel of a written log book and not relying on technology all the time. 
A good log book can be such a great tool to make progress in the gym as you can look back at previous sessions to see your numbers and whether your weights are going up. 
Even if you don't follow a consistent training plan you can still use a log book to track your sessions. 
Once you have been training for a few years you will get to a stage where your results are going to slow down and getting more structured with training and recording your numbers is a must. 
Another reason for having a log book is that you can make a note of any workouts you really enjoy and then repeat again at a later date. 
If you've just rocking up to the gym without any written record of your training then get yourself to WH Smith this week and grab a small diary. 
In just a few months this log book will be full of sessions, weights and training notes which will truly allow you to assess your training performance. 
Stay tuned for my second tip later this week and between now and then just try using a log book more consistently and see how you get on. 
Also if you want to learn more about being optimal with your training make sure you check out my NEW FREE muscle gain training guide. This is no simple 4 page download that gives you no useful information but over 20 pages of practical information and tips to install right now into your training backed by research and my 7 year’s experience of coaching. 
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