Some top tips to keep you going before we can all get back to proper training. 
17 weeks since I trained in a gym. 
17 weeks of home workouts. 
If someone would have said to me at the beginning of the year I would be training at home for at least 17 weeks I would of not been happy. 
I have mentioned this on my social media a few times but one of the reasons I have missed the gym so much is not being able to go to the environment and space where I can just focus on my training and escape for an hour or so. 
Being able to push myself physically in a place with other like minded people is something I clearly took for granted. 
Well I won't again. 
I am sure you guys can relate to the above. 
If you have been able to train throughout lockdown or at least do something then a big thumbs up from me because it isn't bloody easy. 
Having the motivation to train can be a bit up and down at the best of times but training from home with limited equipment doesn't exactly get you bouncing off the walls to train. 
However we are hopefully not far from being able to get back in the gym. 
Well I hope so anyway as two weeks ago I made the stupid mistake of getting my hopes up. 
But to get you guys through the next few and hopefully last weeks of training from home I have got there top tips which I have installed both myself personally but also with clients. 
These three things should not only help your training but also keep you as consistent as possible with your home workouts. 
1. Change up your training environment - Now this of course depends on how much space you have but wherever possible I would think about changing up where you train in the coming weeks. Maybe you've been training in your garden or your spare room? 
Well in the next few weeks try and swap this about. Or if you don't have the luxury to do this give your current training space a good sort out, tidy up and change up the layout so it feels like a nice environment to be in. Anything to make your environment different might just help you have some better workouts. 
Or finally perhaps you have a family member who lives not far away and has an empty garage? Why not take your gym stuff over and do a workout from here. This can help with buy in for your workouts as when you go there you know you are going to train and just like going to the gym it can be great to have a separate space to train from. 
2. Use slower tempos - I uploaded a video on Instagram two days ago talking about the benefits of slower tempos. When you have been using the same weights, bands or if you are really lucky barbells for the last 17 weeks I am sure you have got that stage where the weights are feeling quite a bit easier. 
Now first of all this is great that you will of got stronger and if you have been consistent with your training over the last 17 weeks hopefully this just shows you what you can do when you don't change from plan to plan. But by doing slower tempos you can make a lighter weight really challenging and therefore adding in some good fresh intensity to the limited equipment you have access to. 
Rather than doing your 3 second eccentric (lower/negative phase) slow things right down to 5-6 seconds and you will really feel a difference. This basically increases the time the muscle is under tension and during the eccentric phase is where we see the greatest amount of muscle breakdown (this is what causes DOMs). 
Muscle breakdown along side metabolic stress and mechanical tension are all important for muscle hypertrophy. 
So if you are bored of doing 20 + reps on your 12kg dumbbells this should be a nice change. 
3. Change reps to time based sets - This is something I have done with a few clients and they have really enjoyed it. Rather than counting reps, which when you only have limited equipment you may well be be hitting some pretty high rep sets now, allocate a time to work for. 
So if you have been doing 3 sets of 20 reps on Bulgarian slit squats change it up to do 3 sets of 60 seconds work. This small change can just help the set feel less daunting, shorter and a bit less boring. 
Of course you still want to keep your form on point and adhere to a controlled tempo but at this stage and 17 weeks deep into home workouts you need to think outside the box to keep your training going. 
Where normally you may question is this optimal? Right now optimal is keeping your training going and not binning things off until gyms reopen. 
I hope the above helps your training for the next few weeks. 
If you have any other questions on training in lockdown or anything related to this weeks email please don't ask, HIT THIS LINK to message me directly and I will gladly help you in anyway I can. 
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