Learn how you don't need to fear dieting but instead embrace it. 
Its without doubt one of the biggest things people fear when they diet. That and having to say goodbye to their favourite foods for the foreseeable future. 
Now first of all you don't need to say goodbye to any foods you may just need to be more moderate in consumption but at some point when you diet you will feel hungry. 
Its just part of the process but you shouldn't see it as a bad thing. To lose body fat you need to give your body less than it wants and therefore tap into stored body fat so of course hunger will occur. 
However there are strategies you can use to keep hunger at bay. 
I write this blog as I am currently partaking in a 3 week mini diet to drop a few kilos. 
My first period of dieting for two years but its amazing how I've already adjusted the foods that I am eating and the structure of my meals. This comes from practice from previous diets for photos shoots. 
This time the focus has less of a time frame or end goal but the focus remains the same when it comes to food choices. 
Now first of all there are no 'fat loss foods' but there are foods that I would advise you consume more of when dieting. These foods will allow you to keep your plate full, your hunger low and calories in check. 
These foods all work well in a diet because they are high in food volume but lower in calories. Its why you will feel a lot more full when you eat a plate full of veggies, noodles and chicken breast rather than two small slices of pizza. Both these meals could be the same calories but the food volume is very different. 
If you just try and reduce the portions of the same foods foods you have been eating before a diet your plate is going to look pretty depressing and you won't be able to stick to your diet that long. 
Below are my top ten high volume low calorie foods which you may want to introduce if you are dieting any time soon. 
1. Chicken Heck sausages. 
2. Skyr flavoured Icelandic yogurt. 
3. Frozen berries. 
4. Egg noodles. 
5. Kale. 
6. Wholemeal bread (medium or thin slices) 
7. White potato. 
8. Turkey mince. 
9. Whey protein. 
10. Mushrooms. 
Now I will eat these foods when I am not dieting but when dieting these foods are definitely increased in consumption. 
However even when you do pack your foods out with lots food like the above don't be surprised if you still feel hungry now and then. But there are a few strategies you can use to suppress hunger further. 
The first thing I will do is a drink a pint of water as being slightly dehydrated can often be confused with hunger. Also by filling your stomach full of fluid you will reduce hunger for a short period of time. 
The second option I will do is chew some gum (I'm ironically doing this as I write this). 
The last option is make a black coffee and this can really help suppress hunger for a while. 
So there you have it, some useful strategies to help keep hunger at bay on your next period of dieting whenever that is. 
I also want to let you know that in the next few weeks I will be sharing some exciting news about some new offers I will making with my coaching before gyms reopen. 
I won't divulge any further but I will keep you posted on my socials. 
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