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Ever sit there trying to write a new training plan and have no idea where to start? 
Unsure on sets, reps, exercise selection or even what split to go with? 
Well fear not as in this blog I will give you five easy tips to get your started on your new plan, and clear up a lot of the questions you find yourself asking every time you write a new plan. 
1. Training split - The best way to decide your training split is to think about how many days you can realistically train every single week. From here then think about some target muscle groups you really want to work on within this plan or whether you want to focus on upper body or lower body. If you can do four sessions every single week and you wanted to focus on chest and shoulders you might go with an upper, lower, push, upper split. This way you can hit your chest and shoulders three times a week with enough rest in between. Just work out the amount of sessions you can do and look to hit your target muscle groups 2-3 times a week with rest in between. 
2. Focus on compounds – Compound exercises have movement at more than one joint and as a result involve multiple muscle groups. These exercises will not only help you build strength and size but will also give you great bang for your buck if you have less time for each session. As a loose guide focus on your compounds at the beginning of the session when you have the most amount of energy. Then position your isolation exercises towards the latter stages of your workout. 
3. Multiple rep ranges – Another thing to remember within your plan is that you use a wide range of reps and sets. There is no one best rep range so use a variety of reps from 5-20 and sets from 2-5. For your compound exercises you may want to go for lower reps and higher sets where you can build more strength. Isolations work better in the mid to higher rep range and one or two less sets than your compound exercises. 
4. Use intensifiers sparingly – We all love a drop set, superset, triset or AMRAP now or then. However, throwing them in for every exercise during your session is going to build fatigue very quickly. This can then result in poor recovery, over training and potential injury. These intensifiers are great but use them for just one set on one or two exercises in a session and mainly on isolations. Supersets and trisets can be great for those with less time but the dropsets and AMRAPs need to be used with caution. 
5. Program exercises you enjoy – Training needs to be enjoyable so with that don’t be scared to throw in those exercises you really get on well with. Now of course there will always be a few exercises that you won’t always look forward to, but to make real progress you want to really enjoy your workouts and be excited for your next session. This doesn't mean you just train bicep curls for every session but don't chuck in bulgarian split squats if you really detest them and can't get on with them. 
There you have it. Five easy tips for you to install into your new training plan. Any questions on the above please feel free to drop me an email. Remember consitency is key with your training so get planning and try to avoid changing your workouts every other week. 
If you maybe feel getting some support with your training plan is what you need and you are bored of your own workouts then HIT THIS LINK and enquire for coaching and we can chat about your goals and how to make the best progress possible. 
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