We are just over halfway through January and with this I would expect there are a fair few of you that are starting waver with your new year fat loss goals. 
We have just had blue Monday and the thought of continuing to diet through January may seem damn miserable. 
However, fear not as I am here to lay down some much needed enthusiasm and give you a few things to focus on that you have perhaps missed so far in your diet. 
1. Move more 
Now this may seem obvious but often when people try and lose body fat their first thought is that they need to train the house down every single day. Of course, training in the gym is important when it comes to fat loss, but you have to think differently. You may train for one hour a day 4-5 times a week but what you do in all those other hours is much more important when it comes to losing body fat. Your job will influence how much you move but looking at your daily step count and trying to move that little bit more can really aid burning more calories. 
Things like working at a standing desk, taking a lunch time walk or when in an office environment going to the toilet on a different level in the building are good little changes. We can only train so much, but we can all find those 5-10 minutes to move more and over the day and the week these small blocks of movement really add up. 
2. Weigh in more 
Now first it's important to state that weight loss and fat loss are different. You can lose bodyweight and none of the weight lost could be body fat, however over a longer period of time there is very strong correlation of weight loss and fat loss. Scale weight can give you some useful data when it comes to the speed of your fat loss and give you feedback that what you are doing is or isn’t working. However, weighing yourself just once a week will not give you the full picture as scale weight can change so much on a daily basis. 
By weighing yourself more frequently in the week you can get a clearer average of your weight and iron out any highs or lows. Ideally first thing in the morning after a full night’s sleep and an empty stomach. 
3. Don’t cut out everything 
At the beginning of January most people will be giving up alcohol, chocolate, takeaways, crisps etc. you know all the good stuff. Now reducing these foods will most likely help reduce your calorie intake but you have to remember that successful dieting isn’t just about slashing calories. 
It’s also about creating a good relationship with food and thinking about the diet after your diet. Are you going to cut these foods out for life? If no, then why do it when trying to lose body fat. Otherwise, you risk demonising these foods and by not practicing more moderate consumption you could well overeat these foods when you finally succumb. If you fancy a glass of red on a Saturday evening then crack on, all while working it into your calorie intake. 
4. Nail your sleep 
We all know how good we feel after a solid night’s shuteye. We also know how crap you can feel after a poor night’s sleep. Sleep is defiantly one of the most underestimated things to focus on when dieting. Sleep in it’s self won’t make you lose more body fat but the knock on effect of a good or bads night sleep will have an influence. 
If you have poor night’s sleep you are more likely to move less, make poorer food choices and maybe even miss a training session. For example I didn’t train yesterday as I slept poorly the night before. Also, sleep is so important for recovery from your resistance training. Create a good sleep routine and you will reap the rewards. 
5. Get a form of accountability 
It’s all very well saying you will do X and Y in your head but what happens when things get tough? Chances are that you will start to waver, like many of you are potentially doing now. To be successful with fat loss you really need to get some accountability as this can often be the thing that keeps you going when you want to quit. Accountability could come in the form of a training partner, signing up to an event, putting something out on social media or getting some professional support. Don’t underestimate or forget accountability as often it’s the missing ingredient for so many people. 
If you have any questions on the above or are considering getting some more support in the form of coaching then HIT THIS LINK to email me directly. 
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