Five small positives to come from the whole Coronavirus home isolating. 
Let’s not beat around the bush. 
This is a bit shit isn’t it. 
Being cut off from your friends, family, no sport to enjoy, the gyms are pretty much a no go and the fear of our careers are very much on the mind. 
I feel all of these just like you. 
However in times like this you have to stay positive and look at what are the potential benefits to come from this whole very weird period in time. 
In this blog I want to share with you five things that you can focus on to keep you both physically but also mentally fit. 
1. More time to prepare your own meals 
As long as your supermarket isn’t full of idiots stockpiling and you can get your hands on your normal food shop, this whole isolation thing means you have more time to prepare your own meals. One of the things my clients have to work around is having the time to prepare their own food. Maybe they are travelling with work or have a long day and the last thing they want to do when they get home is cook. However with things like it is, now is a great time to really control your diet and nutrition. Maybe try a new recipe every week and try some new foods in your diet. Not having enough time for your diet is often an excuse but right now it isn’t really a valid one so get started on making some homemade nutritious meals. 
2. Training from home to focus on your foundations 
I remember when I first started training I was told to focus on more bodyweight exercises first before going onto weights and machines. Did I listen? Did I hell. As is the case with many of us. Wanting to get stuck into the fun stuff like deadlifting and dumbbell pressing instead of nailing body weight exercises first. However with more home workouts looking like the order of the day now is a great time to get back to basics and focus on your foundations. Getting really good at press-ups, split squats and planks is not a bad thing in my eyes. I also think that when things do get back to normal and you can get back to your normal routine at the gym you will feel a big benefit. Also any longer standing injuries or niggles should settle down with less loading over the coming weeks. 
3. Less social events 
Ok so this is a negative but if you are currently dieting or wanting to drop a few KGs of body fat now is a pretty good time. You won’t be going out for any meals or post work beers for a while. With this comes less temptation for higher calorie meals and drinks. A lot of the time it’s not necessarily the social events that can lead to you going off the rails but the peer pressure from friends when you’re out. You do your best to keep on track but buckle because you feel awkward for not having that next drink or ordering a dessert. Well no such issue for the next few weeks. 
4. Get on top of mobility 
Mobility is one area we can probably agree we need to work on but don’t give it the time it deserves. Well again now you have time. Wouldn’t it be great that by the time you are able to get back in the gym that you could air squat ass to grass or not feeling like your shoulders are about to snap when you do bench press? 10-15 minutes every day over the next few weeks could really see you finally get on top of those mobility issues that have always troubled you. 
5. Better sleep 
We all know the power of a good night’s sleep. But with early starts and late finishes this can sometimes be more of a pipe dream than a reality. However now without the morning commute gone and no temptation to go out for a post workout beer you can really nail a good sleep pattern. Try and build consistency with what time you got to bed and what time you get up in the morning. Maybe even try a new morning routine, maybe something like 15 minutes mobility…what a good idea . 
The next few weeks and maybe beyond are going to be weird, uncomfortable and a bit bizarre but focus on the five things above and you can take some small positives out of this whole thing. 
If you want some more structure to your home workouts make sure you check out my new full body workout now available on my website. HIT THIS LINK to get your copy. 
The programme is a paid plan but is now currently 25% off at £7.49. Now I will be honest I was tempted to run the plan as a free one but I’ve put a lot of time and effort into the plan and with the coming uncertainty ahead I’ve got a business to keep running. However I know you guys will really enjoy it and think about all the money you are saving with less social events and beers at the pub. 
Give the plan a go, I know you won’t regret it. 
Stay safe, wash your hands and let’s hope normal life is not too far away from resuming. 
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