What can you really achieve over three weeks of dieting? 
When it comes to fat loss people often feel they need loads of time to achieve something worth while. 
While it is true that you need to commit a decent period of time to achieve your goals it is also true that you can achieve some pretty awesome results in a small period of time. 
It just requires real focus and pushing things pretty hard. 
I speak with recent experience after just finishing a mini diet over the last three weeks. 
I have never been a massive advocate of mini diets/mini cuts as I feel its better to commit longer to diet and then focus on maintenance and not waste a few weeks now and then dropping body fat. 
However I was probably a bit naive as the last three weeks have been really interesting. 
Interesting in that I have achieved some pretty amazing results. 
I have lost over 3kgs, my body composition has really changed and I feel pretty great in myself. 
The reason for the mini diet was because I felt I had been a little bit too flexible with my diet in lockdown and with no rugby on the cards for a while I don't need that extra bulk. 
Also with gyms hopefully opening again in July I wanted to be in a leaner position from which to start a muscle gaining phase. 
Over the three weeks I still enjoyed beers, ice cream, more than a few burritos, chocolate and many cinnamon and raisin bagels. 
So how did I see such good results in a short period of time? 
1. Tracked calories daily and accurately - If you are serious about your fat loss goals I truly believe tracking calories is key. It takes out the guess work of knowing how much to eat and can allow you to budget in some of your favourite foods while still keeping on track. 
2. Tracked my steps and gave myself a daily goal - People often think that fat loss occurs with lots of training. Now I cannot argue that training will help but to see the best results you need to look at how much movement you do on a daily basis. Over the three weeks I made sure I wore my Fitbit every day and gave myself a daily step target which often required some early walks or post dinner strolls to make sure I hit my target. 
3. I wasn't restrictive with foods choices - This is important not just for the diet its self but then also the after diet. My goal for the next three weeks is to maintain my body comp and weight and then from there push on with gaining some muscle. Now if I had been very restrictive with my diet over the three weeks by the end I would have been craving all kinds of foods and then maintaining would be that much harder. But by allowing myself some ice cream or a beer when I fancied during the three weeks, it made sure I had no bottled up cravings that could get out of control post diet. I have learnt this the hard way many years ago in previous diets. 
4. I had accountability - One of the things that is often missing for people is having accountability. Over the last three weeks not only did I put it out on my social media that I would be doing this mini diet but I was also joined by my fiancé who wanted to get involved. Knowing that I was accountable to her was really helpful and I am sure she would say the same. Accountability is such a small thing in itself but often far more important than a perfect training programme or a well planned out weekly meal plan. 
5. I trained consistently - The last point is that I was consistent with my home workouts and two conditioning sessions a week. I wanted to ensure that over the three weeks I didn't lose any muscle so by performing resistance training multiple times a week of course helped and aided my energy expenditure. Also the conditioning sessions were quite intense so this would of helped contribute towards my weekly deficit. 
I will admit that my views on mini diets have changed over the last three weeks. 
I'm excited for the next three weeks of maintaining what I have achieved, and even more excited for the muscle gaining phase which will hopefully kick off at the beginning of July if gyms reopen. 
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