If I had known these things when I first started training I would be in a much better position now. 
Time travel, now wouldn’t that be awesome. 
If I had the power I would go back to a few different times and places, some in my lifetime and some before. 
Back to the future has always been one of my favourite films and not just because my last name is Emmett. 
But if I could rewind to when I first stepped into the gym as a scrawny teenager I would have a few words to share that would have undoubtably helped me getter better results. 
Today I am going to share 5 things that I wish I knew back then. These could be 5 things that you may want to heed going forward if you don’t already. 
1. Supplements aren’t anything magic 
I can still remember the first tub of protein poweder I bought. Some unflavoured casein protein from Boots, god it tasted grim. 
But If I could go back I would defiantly advise that supplements aren’t the magic answer and defiantly nothing to overly focus on. Although whey protein would be a good idea for most people there is no need to waste money on pre workouts, BCAA’s or fat burners. Just nail the basics of a good nutritious diet and then you can look to see if there any gaps. Remember what the word supplement means. 
“A thing added to something to help complete or enhance it”. 
Complete it not replace it. So only when you have gaps in your diet should you need supplements to fill them. Also you can save yourself a lot of money when you get rid of unwanted supplements and these funds could be spent on more important things. 
2. Be consistent with your training plan 
This is one that I would not only tell my younger self but also keep reminding myself now. Chopping from plan to plan and never giving yourself the chance or time to see real progression on a training plan is a mistake made by so many people. 
In my recent training for muscle gain eBook I talk about the importance of progressive overload. The concept that you need to build training volume over time to see continual results. This can never be achieved if you keep flip flopping from training plan to training plan every few weeks. 
Take your time writing your plan and stick at it for the long run. Don’t make the mistake I would make when I first started, which was downloading a new training programme off body building.com every other week. 
If you haven’t downloaded my FREE eBook yet then simply HIT THIS LINK to get your copy. 
3. Be patient 
I am not the most patient person in the world I will admit and when it comes to training I still have to remember this. But when I first started I was even worse. I can remember taking protein for four days and thinking ‘why am I not any bigger yet?”. That is literally not a joke.  
Whether the goal is fat loss or muscle gain you need to realise it takes time. 
With fat loss it will have taken time to have put the body fat on you have so it will take a bit of time to lose it. This of course depends on how hard and fast you go with your dieting. 
When it comes to muscle gain you really do need to be super patient. Muscle gain is slow. Unless you have just started training or are a genetic freak it is going to feel like not much is happening week to week. But just stay with it and results will happen if you stay consistent. 
4. Don’t be over restrictive 
This is a big one. 
I can remember when I was a ‘clean eater’ and I would literally have the worst cravings for foods through the week but wouldn’t allow myself to eat any of these foods because they didn’t fit my plan. 
A plan that was rubbish. 
I would be counting down the days until my next ‘cheat day’. Then on that day I would go absolutely crazy and just eat silly amounts of foods. I really think I nearly had a full-on eating disorder. In that I would binge my face off and often make sure no one saw me eat these foods. The next day I would feel guilty and just feel like shit. The cycle would then continue. Which is really not a great relationship to have with food. It wasn’t until I started to learn about flexible dieting and calories that this changed. 
I can now honestly say that I have the best relationship with food I have ever had. But sadly I had to go through the above and learn the hard way. 
Please don’t make the mistake I made as for some people it’s not just as easy as learning from your mistakes. 
Understand that all foods can play a part in your diet, that food and life is for enjoyment and you shouldn’t ever feel guilty for eating any types of foods. 
5. Work with a professional  
Now this would have been a bit harder when I was starting out as I was student and a bit skint but I would have probably had the funds for it with the money I could have saved from the stupid supplements I was taking. 
Even if it was just getting in some face to face sessions with a PT to make sure my training was on point (which it defiantly wasn’t) or getting some proper information on the priorities of nutrition. It would really have been money well spent. 
We often feel that we don’t need help and we can do it all on our own. This can sometimes be true but working with someone who is experienced, qualified and can actually help get you on track and remove the mental fatigue of deciding what to do is always going to be worthwhile. 
You may have made some of these mistakes years ago or maybe even more recently but just remember you can always improve on areas and when you nail these things the progress you can make can be really exciting. 
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